Marquee Week 2016

Without a shadow of doubt, Marquee Week combined with our school production of ‘Sweeney Todd’ was a superb and memorable set of experiences for our children and young people. It was truly wonderful to see each of them thoroughly enjoying themselves through performance and participation.

There was a truly impressive array of events and exhibitions throughout the week as we celebrated moving into the 140th year since the foundation of Clifton High School. A steam engine on the driveway, virtual reality demonstrations and showcases from the children were real highlights, with workshops for pupils across the School running throughout the week. There was even a water polo competition for Year 4 in our onsite pool, with coaching from Olympic athlete Craig Figes. Authors and guest speakers were welcomed to the Marquee, offering informative, entertaining and interesting experiences for our youngest children through to our scholars and parents.

The school production of ‘Sweeney Todd’, held over three evenings, took the pupils to new levels in terms of standards and performance. Both the orchestra and the cast made a tremendous effort, extending themselves in every respect. In true Clifton High School spirit, the cast and musicians had worked tirelessly to present a superbly polished and highly entertaining performance which no one who attended will forget.








The School Open Morning held on the final Saturday was very well received. The  school site bustled with visitors and Clifton High pupils acted as excellent ambassadors for the School, both as part of a panel on stage as they answered questions from parents, and as tour guides around the School. Our visitors, both parents and young people were suitably impressed by their hosts.

A team of technologists from Knowhow and Samsung brought the week to a fitting, cutting edge conclusion. The team gave the pupils an extraordinary digital and technological experience from building their own PC to using a variety of devices, 4K TVs which radically refine entertainment, Virtual Reality gadgets and games offering a 3D world to move in and explore. The pupils did not hold back on their excitement, enthusiasm and appreciation.

Dr Neill summed up her thoughts for the week during the open morning, when asked the question ‘What makes Clifton High School so special?”  Her answer was “without a shadow of a doubt, it is our pupils”.  All our children and young people, from the Nursery School to the Sixth Form, rose to the challenge of this very special week, ably orchestrated by our committed staff and supportive parents, to make this a week to remember.