Sponsorship of Bristol Museums' Annual Education Programme and 'Pliosaurus!' Exhibition

Clifton High School has been delighted to work with Bristol Museums in recent months as sponsor of their Annual Education Programme and of their highly successful ‘Pliosaurus!’ exhibition at the flagship Bristol Museum & Art Gallery on Queens Road.

The Jurassic-themed experience has proved so popular that its tenure at the museum has now been extended until the end of the February half term. The near-complete specimen of the marine reptile Pliosaurus carpenteri, discovered in Wiltshire in 1994, is on display for the first time as part of this family-focused exhibition, along with a life-sized reconstruction - affectionately known as Doris- complete with scars and an audible heartbeat.

In June 2017, to tie in with the opening of the exhibition, Year 3 children enjoyed a hands-on Discover Dinosaurs workshop, just one of the workshops offered by the Museums’Learning Team. In line with Bristol Museums’ aim of making the learning experience of every child who visits one of their sites ‘accessible, immersive and memorable’ its M Shed site was singled out in 2017, winning the Sandford Award for the quality of its Education programme.

The Learning team work pro-actively to encourage all schools and young people to engage with the city’s collections. As a result, 96% of Bristol primary schools and 86% of secondary schools have visited at least one of Bristol City Council’s museums in the last 3 years.

In November, Bristol Museum & Art Gallery was also the venue for the launch of the Clifton High Foundation - an exciting new opportunity for the School, 140 years after its foundation, to work with friends old and new, to continue to ensure the very best provision and facilities for its pupils, both now and into the future.

The Pliosaurus! exhibition has so far received 62,000 visitors and there is still time to come ‘face to face with a Jurassic beast’ until Sunday 18th February 2018.