Sports Lunch

We were delighted to welcome Olympic Gold medal winning athlete Amy Williams into school on Thursday 8 May. Amy attended the annual sports lunch which is held for our sportsmen and women in years 10 -13, celebrating their successes and achievements this year. Amy spoke to the pupils, handed out awards and gave an inspiring, informative and thought provoking talk. She spoke to the boys and girls about looking to the future, not being afraid to set ambitious goals and being resilient. She explained the value in setting small targets to help achieve big goals and the importance of congratulating yourself and giving yourself “a pat on the back” with every goal you achieve. She explained how important it is to go the extra mile and by working that little bit harder to ensure you always have that competitive edge. Her speech resonated with everyone in the room, particularly those pupils who are in the middle of an intense period of revision in the run up to their GCSE, AS and A level examinations.

Our thanks go to our outstanding sports teachers and to Amy for making time in her busy schedule to visit us all.