Spring in the CHS Eco Garden

Spring has sprung in Clifton High eco garden. The Year 3 and 4 Eco Club are keeping active and watching the wildlife closely. The children have taken some of the photographs below, in which you can see some of the residents of the eco garden. From top left, clockwise: a 1cm long stick insect, which has been born as part of our breeding program, shedding its skin to allow it to grow. A damselfly which has just hatched, leaving its nymph stage behind, now waiting for the sun to help raise its metabolism and fill out its wings. One of Clifton High's honey bees sunning itself on a rock in the garden before visiting the flowers to collect nectar.

The eco garden is being visited by eco clubs from across the school at this time of year, allowing the boys and girls to learn about the fascinating life cycles of these creatures in a practical way.

Photographs of creatures in the CHS eco garden