Year 7

Year 7 Ceramics: Seaside Vessel

Year 7 pupils have completed a series of observational drawings of seaside natural objects – shells, starfish and urchins – using a variety of drawing media. They used these drawings to make a design for a ceramic seaside-themed vessel. They have made their vessel using a variety of clay techniques, such as slab building, moulds, impressing textures, carving and modelling.

The vessels were bisque fired to turn them from greenware (unfired dry clay) to pieces of ceramic (fired clay). The pupils then applied colour to their vessels using oxides such as cobalt carbonate and copper oxide. The vessels were then dipped in a white earthenware glaze before their final glaze firing. The oxide colours show through the thin white glossy glaze, to give the vessels their final subtle colours. Electric tea lights have been placed inside the vessels to make the glazes glow with a shimmering light.

Project By Paul Ayers (Head of Art) and Sonya Nutter (Ceramics Specialist)