Home Boarding

Our home boarding scheme is unique and tailored to each child so they settle well, are supported academically and integrate socially during their time with us.

Students are placed with carefully chosen host families who are linked with the school and live locally. They are overseen by our International Admissions Office (IAO), and live as members of those families during term time. 

Each student is provided with his or her own room and study facilities so that their privacy is respected and they are relieved of the pressure of a communal life which can feel impersonal and surprisingly lonely, especially for students from overseas. On the other hand, they are encouraged to participate fully in the life of their host family and discover the British way of living.

Parents can rest assured that their sons or daughters are being looked after wisely and given a degree of freedom balanced with family care that reflects what they would experience in their own homes.

Benefits of home boarding  

  • Students are given personal care and attention in a caring, comfortable, home environment.
  • Often, the host family has a child studying at the school or a member of the family is a former student. The host family can therefore fully support international students to settle at school.
  • Students appreciate the security that living with a host family brings.
  • Students are involved fully in the host family’s daily life.
  • Students benefit from full immersion in the language and therefore make rapid progress in English.
  • Students have full back-up support from their host family in case of any issues arising during their stay.
  • Living with a family is great for cultural socialisation and orientation on arriving in a new country and a new environment.
  • Home boarding is a very affordable option compared to traditional boarding offered by the majority of schools.
  • Students can socialise with the family as much as they wish and have as much privacy as they need.
  • Students are not placed into a large, impersonal boarding house where they are ‘just another student’.
  • They are not continually surrounded by other students of their own nationality, speaking their own language. At Clifton High, international students are encouraged to mix with local students.

A dedicated International Admissions Officer

Our International Admissions Office (IAO) works very closely with the host families, teachers, tutors and staff throughout the period that the international student is studying at Clifton High School, and ensures they are supported to the full.

  • The IAO carefully chooses and vets all our host families.
  • The IAO works very closely with the host families and the students to ensure the best match is made.
  • The IAO provides a dedicated induction session when the student joins the school and provides an excellent level of support throughout the student’s time at Clifton High; ensuring they access the right support networks such as the language peer support team.
  • Together the IAO and host family will ensure each student settles quickly, improves their English, discovers and experiences the English culture and flourishes during their time at Clifton High School.
  • The IAO provides support academically and when applying to university.